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Using Patient Registries to Improve Care: PQRS, MQSA and Beyond
Using Patient Registries to Improve Care:
PQRS, MQSA and Beyond
Gregory N. Nicola, MD, vice president, Hackensack Radiology Group, Oradell, N.J., concurs. He notes that in affording radiologists, imaging centers and hospital-based imaging players an avenue for formulating and comparing national benchmarks, registries set the stage for improving the caliber of care delivered to patients. “The term ‘quality’ can be tricky to interpret, and it can be difficult to determine exactly what needs to be done to achieve or improve it unless you’re looking at objective measures, instead of through your own lens,” Nicola asserts. “For instance, without the National Mammography Database in place, who really is to say that the mammography recall rate for a particular practice isn’t high enough—or too high, for that matter—to contribute to quality care?”

He adds that increasing the automation of objective quality metrics through participation in such registries as those that fall under the NRDR umbrella also gives practitioners additional time for conducting internal peer reviews and leveraging internal quality control programs. This, too, has a heavy bearing on caliber of care and the overall patient experience.
The New MACRA Committee

The Commission on Economics goes into operational mode as it approaches new payment models.
Gregory N. Nicola, MD - Committee Chair Appointment
The Commission on Economics has known for years that a transition from volume- to value-based payment is inevitable. As early as 2001, “Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century,” a report published by the Institute of Medicine, called for “aligning payment policies with quality improvement” and “bundled payments for priority conditions.”

There have been a number of policies moving toward this goal, but changes have been implemented relatively piecemeal. Accordingly, the Commission on Economics has taken action and made recommendations that were largely predictive of what may be required of radiology in the future. Under the visionary leadership of our past chair, Geraldine B. McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR, we created the Value-Based Payments Committee, the ACO Committee, the Radiology Integrated Care Network, and, more recently, the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Workgroup.